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Invest as little as $5000 alongside leading global Private equity partners in “hard to get” growth companies.


The group has invested in over 50 deals in the last five years. Delivering 20%+ Nett IRR to investors.


We ensure your data is encrypted, safe and private. We follow strict financial guidlines for data privacy.


Invest from anywhere in the world (conditions apply). Cross border transactions with KYC/AML and accreditation checks.


Investments follow strictly laid down compliance norms. Compliant and secure way of investing in companies across geographies.

Current offerings

All companies are rigorously screened & pass due diligence.


Investment done so far. Invest alongside leading investors in top tier private investment opportunities. Learn more
*investments done via partners through SPVs

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About Magic

magicturtles capitalizes on best minds, information, technology to democratize private equity investment.

Magicturtles is a crowd-investing platform in private equity for everyone. Now, any accredited investor, from anywhere in the world, can invest in curated private companies with as little as $5000 per investment. Magicturtles is an affiliate of MaGiC USA Inc., a global private investment platform.

MaGiC USA sources, processes, curates and structures International private investments. Each investment is housed in a dedicated fund or a distinct SPV. Over the years, MaGiC USA has provided opportunities to a select group of UHNI’s and Family Offices, to invest in a range of Private Equity & Venture Capital deals that are typically available only to large PE Funds. Through Magicturtles, you can now get the same opportunities for investment in bite sizes. You can read more at and


we partner with industry best in curating deals from across the globe and categories. Learn more

Frequently asked questions.

What is

magicturtles is a global pivate investment platform for selected, accredited investors to grow a diversified portfolio of investments in highly vetted private equity deals, with as little as $5000 per investment.

How is magicturtles different?

magicturtles will bring deals from around the world across domains and geographies and currencies and categories so that investors have access, choice and opportunity to build a diversified and hedged investment portfolio in Private Equity.

magicturtles curates the deals by investing relationship building and risk management skills with a view to optimize return on equity for any given risk.

How much money can I make?

magicturtles will thrive by staying maniacally focussed on investors. In order to deliver predictable and superior risk adjusted returns, we work hard to identify and engage in partnerships with global leaders and sponsors of significant repute and domain expertise and we build enduring relationships with these partners gaining access to hard to get deal flow. Investments are made in a combination of deal by deal or through SPVs and Funds. Investors get ample opportunity to co-invest at a deal level depending on perception and evaluation of deals in terms of risk and liquidity.

We are averaging an IRR of 21% YOY since 2016 on a global diversified portfolio with an average return cycble of less than 24 months.


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