About us

Backed by Magic Capital, a global investment institution.


capitalizes on best minds, information, technology to democratize private equity investment. Magicturtles is a crowd-investing platform in private equity for everyone. Now, any accredited investor, from anywhere in the world, can invest in curated private companies with as little as $5000 per investment. Magicturtles is an affiliate of MaGiC USA Inc., a global private investment platform. Through Magicturtles, you can now get the same opportunities for investment in bite sizes.
magicturtles was founded by industry leading professionals having worked with fortune 500 companies. Our team has extensive experience in investing, online fundraising, business, law, engineering and community building. We’re passionate about private equity investing and creating better future, just like you. Crowd investing or hunting for a unicorn was previously available to only closed user groups. With magicturtles, everyone can invest in private companies for a chance to earn a return. Become an investor

Our mission

Democratize private equity investment

Make it easy

Pick a deal you like. Review the company pitch, terms, and decide whether you believe they will succeed and invest.

Make it accessible

Start investing with as low as $5000. Build a more diversified portfolio for creating wealth.

Keep it free

magicturtles.com is investor-friendly by design with no hidden fees and top-rated customer service.

Continue curating

We evaluate more than 1000 deals a year and list less than 3% of them for you to invest in.

Super focused

Less than 2% of companies that reach us for raising capital pass through our due diligence and investment committee.

Automation driven

We trust system that are build by intelligent humans to automate most of tasks in the investment process.