Frequently Asked Questions

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What is

Magic is a global pivate investment platform for selected, accredited investors to grow a diversified portfolio of investments in highly vetted private equity deals, with as little as $100000 per investment.

How is magicturtles different?

Magic will bring deals from around the world across domains and geographies and currencies and categories so that investors have access, choice and opportunity to build a diversified and hedged investment portfolio in Private Equity.

Magic curates the deals by investing relationship building and risk management skills with a view to optimize return on equity for any given risk.

How much money can I make?

Magic will thrive by staying maniacally focussed on investors. In order to deliver predictable and superior risk adjusted returns, we work hard to identify and engage in partnerships with global leaders and sponsors of significant repute and domain expertise and we build enduring relationships with these partners gaining access to hard to get deal flow. Investments are made in a combination of deal by deal or through SPVs and Funds. Investors get ample opportunity to co-invest at a deal level depending on perception and evaluation of deals in terms of risk and liquidity.

We are averaging an IRR of 21% YOY since 2016 on a global diversified portfolio with an average return cycble of less than 24 months.

How do I get Started?

It is simple and free to sign up on the MaGiC website and begin accessing our deal flow. Once your investment account is set up, you'll have full access to information about the deals available to accredited investors.

Why is accreditation required?

"Early stage, privately-held companies are high-risk investments, and many countries require individuals to meet specific criteria before being allowed to participate in these investments. OurCrowd follows local regulations regarding accreditation, which vary country-by-country, but generally address the following two questions: What are the criteria for the minimum level of income and/or net worth of investors who are allowed to participate in these types of investments? What proof do investors have to provide in order to satisfy that they meet these criteria?"

Which currencies do you accept?

All investments are made in US Dollars. Please ensure the account used to fund your investments is able to make US Dollar transactions.

Do you share deal financials?

Magic balances the requests investors have for sensitive and confidential information of portfolio companies which they have invested in or are considering investing in, with the confidentiality that portfolio companies and their Boards understandably demand

What is Magic's due dilligence process?

"Our Due Diligence and Portfolio management are done on three levels: Onboarding - We do a detailed Investee partner diligence with multiple top management engagements/meetings, site visits, past track record analysis and third-party channel checks are done before onboarding a new partner. Pre- Deal Closure – We curate the best deals which fit as per our investment thesis through our Investee Partner portfolio. We do a detailed financial and commercial due diligence including rationalisation of the financial projections, product and market fit which combines with our management analysis and becomes an integral part of our investment assessment. Post-Deal Closure – After the closure, we manage the investment via performing monthly call, quarterly performance evaluation and annual visit. "

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