How it works

Unicorn deals were previously available to only to closed user groups. With magicturtles, everyone can invest in private equity for a chance to earn a return. Our dedicated team collaborates with over 100 investment consultants around the globe, providing insights on the curated deals offerings to you. magicturtles allows anyone to invest in private companies. You can invest from as low as $5000 up to $25,000*: start at whichever level you are comfortable with.


Sign-up! it's free

We charge no fees, get access to curated deals and start investing with as little as $5000.

KYC / Accreditation

Submit your KYC details and accreditation form to activate your magicturtles account

Deal selection

Gain access to deal material including company pitch, terms, and decide whether you believe they will succeed.

Commit to a deal

Commit to the deal by click on “I’m Interested” button in the deal detail page and agreeing to the general terms and conditions, risk disclaimers.

Subscription doc & paperwork

Submit the amount you wish to commit to a deal for which we'll send you the required subscription agreement and wiring details.


Transfer funds as per the wiring details shared with you over email or application.


Post-investment, investors receive an email with relevant subscription agreement for the investment done.


Post-investment, investors receive regular updates about portfolio performance through email notifications and a personalized account dashboard.

Exit / Return

Receive the distribution from the investment made. Receive portfolio update periodicaly through detailed report on each deal.

Investment approach

Democratizing private investment for all.

Curated investment deals.

magicturtles gives you access attractive, institutional private equity deal flow. Our analysts work to ensure you are able to build a diversified portfolio across geographies for better risk management. Currently we manage and continue to explore investment investments in Americas, Europe, EMEA.

Transparent investment process

As an investor in a crowdfunding offering, you will likely have fewer rights than other investors. For example, you would typically not have any voting rights. Your rights may vary company to company and it’s important that you review and understand them before you invest.

Min and max investment amounts

Each company sets the minimum investment size they will accept as capital investmnet. magicturtles allows companies to start as low as $5000, but the typical minimum investment amount ranges between $5000 to $250000. Companies can also choose to limit the maximum investment amount to allow more investors to participate.

Join for free. As long as you are over 18 years old, you can invest. Investment range from as low as $5000.